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Information technology is evolving at lightning speed. Earlier, only a handful of businesses saw the need to build a dedicated server room or require sophisticated hardware to carry out their operation. However, today almost every business, irrespective of the industry, involves a range of state-of-the-art hardware, servers and other peripherals for smooth operations.

Since server rooms house various electronic equipment that works 24/7, the temperature tends to rise, sometimes to excessive levels. Such overheating causes the servers to slow down, shut down, or even crash, leading to complete loss of data. Such incidents can cost you enormously. Thus, maintaining a consistent temperature between 20° C to 23° C and humidity levels up to 50 per cent is necessary to prevent overheating.

Aimac Air Conditioning can work with your IT department professionals to plan suitable racking placement, hot and cold aisles, duty / standby AC units, high temperature alarms, fire suppression systems and more.

Air Conditioning Installation Services

Comprehensive Server Room Air Conditioning Services

When it comes to server room air conditioning solutions, we are one of the industry’s most reputed and reliable names. We possess over 40 years of experience in delivering superior results to many businesses across all industries in Melbourne.

Whether you want an air conditioning unit for a single room or a robust system for a considerably sized server room, we offer a customized solution to maintain a uniform temperature all year round.

Our Engineers inspect your server rooms to suggest a plan that suits your unique requirements. Moreover, we take other aspects into account to accommodate any future renovations like upgrading the systems or adding extra servers. We install a suitable unit to future-proof your premises and take care of the excess heat load.

Server Room Air Conditioning Maintenance and Servicing

We ensure your server room air conditioners are running efficiently and glitch-free with our comprehensive range of solutions, minimizing the expensive downtime. Our trained team of technicians have 360-degree knowledge and expertise in handling all kinds of AC maintenance and servicing around Melbourne.

Protect your server rooms against any disruption, overheating and malfunction with our comprehensive range of maintenance solutions. In addition to this, our specialized technicians offer server room air conditioning solutions for all types of systems. We specialize in providing services for all kinds of businesses, including multi-story complexes, schools, large corporate offices, climate-controlled premises and more.

Airmac Air Conditioning can help your IT professionals plan for future unexpected air conditioning breakdowns by devising emergency action plans and procedures.

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