Preventive Industrial Air Conditioning Maintenance in Melbourne

A properly functioning industrial air conditioning system is the key to regulating temperature and humidity levels within your production or storage unit. 

Any inconsistencies in temperature and humidity levels can cost your business immensely as it negatively impacts industrial operations. Temperature fluctuations or poor indoor air quality can cause damage to temperature-sensitive products.  

That’s the reason why you need regular preventive air conditioning maintenance. It ensures the AC units function correctly and all its operations run smoothly. 

If you are looking for a dedicated and reliable professional
industrial air conditioning maintenance services
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Industrial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Industrial Air Conditioning Maintenance by Trusted and Experienced Professionals 

With over 25 years of extensive experience in air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance, Airmac Air Conditioning Pty Ltd delivers comprehensive solutions at a price that fits your pocket. We offer a wide range of industrial air conditioning maintenance solutions for various industries across Melbourne. Working in close collaboration with the relevant stakeholders ensures that you get the best results and total value for your money. 

Our seasoned technicians use a combination of advanced tools and industry best practices to carry out preventive maintenance and reduce the level of air-borne contaminants within the air-conditioned area. This makes the environment conducive for employees and also protects certain fragile or temperature-sensitive raw materials. Moreover, our dedicated air conditioning maintenance services enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the AC while reducing power consumption and subsequent bills. 

Tailored Solutions to Unique Air Conditioning Issues 

No two industrial premises have the same air conditioning requirements. That’s why we never take the one-solution-for-all approach to industrial air conditioning maintenance. Our experts work closely with the facility managers to understand and identify the exact issue and offer tailored solutions that effortlessly fit within your set of requirements. 

We Offer the Following Industrial Air Conditioning Maintenance: 

  • A complete inspection of heating and cooling units
  • Inspecting the filters to check for accumulated dirt and debris that can hamper the airflow and indoor air quality
  • Assessing the fans to identify any damage to the motor or the blades. 
  • Inspecting the ductwork and electrical connections
  • Our technicians clean the evaporator coil to ensure the system operates efficiently. 
  • Checking the refrigerant levels and thermostat setting assessment 
  • Blower maintenance and cleaning for uninterrupted airflow 
  • Lubricating the critical components to reduce resistance and increase energy efficiency

We Provide Industrial Air Conditioning Maintenance in Melbourne for All Types of Facilities Including:

  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Factories
  • Textile Plants
  • Engineering parts manufacturing units
  • Power Plants
  • Server Rooms 
  • Semiconductor industries 
  • Automobile manufacturing units

Our Technicians at Airmac Air Conditioning Pty Ltd. 

  • We have a fully qualified, certified and trusted team of technicians to offer you top quality results.
  • Focus on maintaining the highest level of quality assurance according to the standards set by OH&S
  • We have advanced tools and equipment to ensure the air conditioning system is serviced well and functions without any glitches. 
  • Comprehensive services for all kinds of air conditioning systems 

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