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Healthcare is the largest division of the Australian economy at 10 percent of its total GDP and the country’s biggest employer, which makes up around 13 percent of the working population. Hospitals are very complex environments that require special air conditioning design, maintenance and service considerations. Ensuring clean air environments is the prerequisite healthcare facilities have for air conditioning equipment. Clinics, hospitals, and healthcare centres require strict attention to proper ventilation, humidity control, airflow distribution, quiet operation and low running costs. To maintain clean environments and sustain required pressure, fully ducted systems are needed. 

The need to prevent air conditioning failure :

    • Patient comfort
    • Staff discomfort
    • Risk of hospital infection spread
    • Delay in surgical procedures
    • Emergencies situations rerouted to other hospitals
    • Fog in the hallways and operating rooms
    • Damages to supplies that require refrigeration or lower temp
    • Equipment failure
    • Financial loss

At Airmac, we can offer you professional design and air conditioning installation, air conditioning maintenance or air conditioning service. We have worked on medical centres, schools, universities and high-rise office buildings, with customers choosing us for ongoing contracts. Based in Eltham, Victoria, we operate throughout the Melbourne region and regional areas

Air Conditioning Installation Services

Healthcare/Medical Air Conditioning Service in Melbourne

Australia has a hybrid public-private healthcare system that was recently ranked the second-best healthcare system in the world for factors such as care process, access, administrative efficiency, and healthcare outcomes.

Airmac Airconditioning Pty Ltd was established nearly 32 years ago. We have a loyal and experienced team of technicians, mechanical plumbers, electricians, type “B” gas technicians and project managers. We specialise in all aspects of commercial and industrial air conditioning. Our work covers many areas from refrigeration piping to gas heating, cooling towers, and pumps; We ensure to get all jobs completed on time, within budget, and meet your exact requirements. 

    • Minimise the risk of infection
    • Anti-infectious
    • Acceptable indoor air quality
    • Comfortable and safe environment

Bacteria Prevention

Bacteria can live in hotter and colder temperatures than humans, but they do best in a warm, moist, protein-rich environment that is pH neutral or slightly acidic. Hence, hospitals combat this with cold temperatures with proper air conditioning, which help slow bacterial and viral growth.

Indoor Air-quality

Hospitals require efficient air conditioning to maintain good indoor air quality, aseptic conditions and to secure healthy, safe and suitable indoor thermal conditions-temperature, humidity, air quality and airflow, for the hospital personnel and the patients.

Staff Comfort

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment is crucial for patient care. 


Air conditioning naturally dehumidifies the air.This prevents condensation buildup on surfaces in the hospital. It picks up bacteria and viruses. As condensation moves from surface to surface, it cross contaminates them. Correct humidity control prevents condensation on sterilised surfaces, open wounds, and operating equipment, to combat this spread of disease and infection in the hospital room.

Durable Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance and Service for Healthcare Around Melbourne

Airmac is fully licensed and certified to service commercial and industrial air conditioning that the healthcare industry uses. With 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week emergency availability, Airmac has the resources to meet the demands of critical temperature control that hospitals require. Get in touch with experts from Airmac Air Conditioning Pty Ltd to get more information. 

A hospital can’t function without air conditioning units. Hospital’s downtime is not an option for hospitals. Hospital HVAC repair and preventative maintenance to avoid downtime are crucial. Choosing a commercial air conditioning you can trust pays dividends every day a hospital is operational.

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    • In house HVAC Engineers
    • Fully licensed technicians
    • Mechanical Plumbers
    • Specialised in installation and maintenance of air conditioning
    • On-site inspections
    • Workcover
    • Public liability Insurance

If you are looking for cutting-edge healthcare air conditioning installations in Melbourne, get in touch with experts from Airmac air conditioning. 

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