Air Conditioning Maintenance Services in Melbourne

At Airmac we offer commercial air conditioning Melbourne services for all kinds of air conditioning systems and applications, including:
  • Industrial and manufacturing plants
  • Commercial offices and buildings
  • Schools and training rooms
  • Shopping centres
  • Bars, clubs and restaurants
  • Sports halls, arenas and stadiums
  • Server rooms
  • Close temperature rooms
  • Duct cleaning
  • Air quality measurement
  • Fire damper inspections and auditing

Through choosing our commercial air conditioning Melbourne team for ongoing maintenance, you can:

  • Extend the equipment life cycle
  • Reduce and minimise equipment breakdowns
  • Reduce energy costs through efficient operation

Airmac aims to create cost effective maintenance strategies for all types of applications, and to provide highly skilled staff that endeavour to create solutions suited to your workplace. Our air conditioning maintenance programs aim to provide on-site preventative care for your system, keeping it well-tuned and in optimal working condition at all times.

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Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Airmac’s commercial air conditioning Melbourne service includes Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Agreements. These are designed to protect the owner’s financial investment in the equipment and installation. Preferential service breakdown visits are given to all of our Preventative Maintenance Agreement clients.

A scheduled maintenance is allocated to a technician who is dedicated to that site for all maintenance visits and repairs if required. This ensures that one technician knows everything about the site and equipment that is located there as well as with its operation, access and safety issues. Naturally, there will be times when urgent works are required and if necessary other technicians will back them up.

Ignoring preventative maintenance could increase your energy consumption, reduce your comfort level, reduce the airflow of your appliance and actually lead to damaging the appliance itself creating poor air quality in the air. Airmac’s commercial air conditioning Melbourne team are always on hand to offer preventative maintenance to your system.

To find out more about our commercial Air Conditioning Melbourne services, call us today on (03) 9431 0099 or Contact Us.

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